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HACMint Terms & Condtions

  1. These Terms and Conditions govern this and any other transactions between Customer and HACMint (also known as HAC) and supersede any oral or written statement made by HAC or any agent of HAC prior to this transaction. Customer shall not rely on any statement which is inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions.
  2. HAC guarantees that the bars and rounds it sells are genuine. HAC expressly disclaims any other warranties with respect to precious metals or other items express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
  3. Customer has the right to return any bullion items if the item was not described properly in the listing and if the customer contacts HAC for a return authorization number within 2 days of receiving item. Items being returned must not be removed from their original packing. Any item returned to HAC must be shipped via the U.S. Post Office and insured for the full value. All items returned will be videotaped via our security systems to ensure that the contents of the package match the included paperwork. Should a discrepancy arise, you will be notified immediately via phone/email. HAC does not assume any responsibility while items are in transit, and will only assume responsibility while items are in physical care, custody and control of HAC. In no event shall HAC liability to Customer exceed refund or replacement of the coin in question.
  4. Customer acknowledges that the coin, bar and precious metals market is speculative, unregulated and volatile, and that coins, bars and precious metal prices may rise or fall over time. HAC does not guarantee that any Customer buying for investment purposes will be able to sell for a profit in the future. While HAC may voluntarily make an offer to repurchase items from Customer, HAC is under no legal obligation to make such an offer, and HAC does not guarantee to make a market in the items it sells.
  5. Customer agrees that any legal action with respect to this transaction is barred unless commenced within one (1) year of payment in a state or federal court located in New Jersey. Customer (a) consents to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the New Jersey courts; (b) waives any right to trial by jury in any such proceeding; and (c) agrees that the prevailing party in any action shall be entitled to recover its costs, including attorney's fees, from the non-prevailing party.